Forward thinking

Building awesomeness.

We are primarily an interior design studio attached to a simple contemporary style. The philosophy of our work is summed up in these two lines: “Less is more” and “Form follows Function. Much attention is paid to the choice of materials and the influence of light to a space that is visible from the outside and the inside lives.

Founded by Hitesh Shahanand, the company under his leadership took the advantage of the functionality and redefined whatsoever the concept of urban housing.

The studio’s goal is to discover the intrinsic potential in every project, questioning the obvious, exploring the surroundings and cultural heritage. This always while looking for harmony between sustainability and innovation, functionality and experience, ratio and feeling.

We believe that the building’s users play a fundamental role in the conception of the design so our goal is to move away from a solely technical view, allowing the project to unfold in relation to its physical, social, cultural and economic context.

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Our Clients Feedback

Over the last years we have received mostly good feedback which always makes us aim for greatness. Here are just some of the encouraging words that make us feel good.

Integrated Solutions

Broad on both bows, at the distance of some two or three miles, and forming a great semicircle, embracing one half of the level horizon, a continuous chain of whale-jets were up-playing and sparkling in the noon-day air. The splashes of the people in the boats leaping into the river sounded like thunderclaps in my ears. People were landing hastily on both sides of the river.


A new home or work environment? These can appear to be insurmountable obstacles. We assist you during the strategic reflection stage and in the project's concrete implementation.

Strategic Advice

We first thoroughly analyse your needs. We then formulate well founded recommendations. Your living / work environment is a projection of who you are and it reflects your personal / company's culture.

Space planning & design

After choosing a location, we begin by drawing up a macro plan or a global sketch. We divide the levels into zones, taking into account your organisation's structures and characteristics.

Project management

We start with detailed preparations depending on the needs of your project: from design and execution. Plus we ensure that your project is successfully completed, on schedule and within budget.

Technical engineering

Furnishing a building or office requires more than good looking furniture or colours. Our team takes account of the technical possibilities where we make your office a user-friendly and secure business environment.

Interior planning & design

For a space that inspires, your office or home should identify with your values. We aim for the best solutions by paying attention to all of the details: materials, layout, ergonomics, functionality and looks.